Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pokka Pens Review

Pokka Pens are a U.S company making EDC pocket pens. They are made in the U.S out of ABS polymer that feels very sturdy considering how light weight they are. One of the main features of this pen is how small it is. Closed it measures just under three and a half inches and posted it measures five and half inches. The capping and posting of this pen is another great feature.  The pen has two o-rings on one end that give the pen a very satisfying "POP" then you cap/uncap or post the pen. In addition to that it also allows the pens to float and keep water and dirt out of the pen.

On to the writing experience. The pens write well, about like a Bic Crystal. Like most ballpoint pens it takes a little pressure to write with, but when writing it's very smooth. If you write in all conditions you're in luck because Pokka Pens have just partnered with Rite in The Rain and Fisher Space Pens to make an all weather version. It's made out of the same ABS polymer and branded with the Rite in the Rain logo and features a Fisher Space Pen refill. They are slightly more expensive, however, with all the extra reliability in different conditions you're getting, it is definitely worth it.

Pokka Pens are refillable but inexpensive enough to not need to worry about if you lose one. I think these are great reliable EDC pocket pens for using when and wherever you might need them. They write very well and are available in a multitude of colors and patterns. 

If you have any questions about this review or others or any suggestions for future reviews feel free to email me at or comment below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Pokka Pens


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