Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Blackwing Volumes 33 1/3 Review

33 1/3 is the newest Blackwing Volumes limited edition pencil from Palomino. The number 33 1/3 is a nod to the 12" or Lp record’s playing speed. And the design of the pencil closely resembles a record.

The pencils barrel is matte black (similar to the 16.2 which is matte white) with a glossy black imprint and glossy black rings at the end of the pencil that favor the grooves on a vinyl record. The ferrule is also matte black and the eraser is black too. The rings near the end of the pencil add a little grip to the pencil, even if thats not what they were going for. But they don't affect sharpening at all. I personally really love the matte finish on this and the 16.2 and hope to see more of this type of finish in the future.

This pencil features the Pearl core which is softer than the 602 but firmer than the MMX or Original Palomino Blackwing. It as always writes very well with a nice dark line.

This is the second black volumes pencil and I much prefer this pencil to the 24, and it ticks all the boxes for me. Great core, matte finish, and a good story/history. I think this one is going to go quick so I would get them while you can.

The subscriber extra with this shipment was also very cool. The jar contains enough PVC pellets to press one 12" record, which for the theme of the pencil I think was the perfect extra to include.

That concludes this review but if you are at all interested in pencils or learning more about pencils I highly recommend both the Erasable podcast and the Erasable Facebook group. The people over there are awesome and know pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about pencils. I've put links below.

If you have any questions about this review or others or have any suggestions for future reviews, feel free to email me at Irvsstationery@gmail.com or comment below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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