Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bic Cristal review

The iconic Bic Cristal was first released in France in December of 1950 by Marcel Bich. In 1959 it was brought to the American market where it sold for 29¢ ($2.49 in 2018) with the slogan "Writes first time every time". In 1961 Bic switched from stainless steel ball points to Tungsten Carbide. In 1965 it was approved for classroom use by the French ministry of education. And by 2006 Bic had sold their 100 billionth Cristal.

This pen is 5 7/8" long x 1/2 inch (including the cap). It feels a lot like a pencil in the hand due to the thin hexagonal body, and it is very comfortable to write with. The cap posts well and the clip is functional on shirt pockets. The hexagonal body gives it a very solid feel. It writes smoothly with a very legible line and no skipping or major globs of ink. The blue ink is a very saturated blue color that I really enjoy. This is a great pen for everyday note taking.

The Bic Cristal is available in in several different versions these days with the original being the Extra Smooth 1.0mm version. They are also available in an Extra Bold 1.6mm version, a 0.7mm Fine version in Europe (but if you are in the USA they can be found on Amazon). You can get them in several colors other than the standard Black, Blue ,and Red in the 1.6mm Extra Bold and 1.0mm Cristal Up versions. 

The Bic Cristal is a great choice for a reliable, inexpensive everyday note taking pen and there are a lot of options to choose from.

Before I end this review I want to give a huge shout out to Brad Dowdy over at The Pen Addict for his continued support by sending so many of you awesome people my way!

If you have any questions about this review or others, or if you have any suggestions for future reviews feel free to email me at Irvsstationery@gmail.com or comment below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Bic Cristal Blue
Bic Cristal Fine Blue
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  1. I love the Bic Cristal! They somehow remind me of childhood. I recently re-discovered them and I now have a pack of red ones. They're simple and do the job wonderfully! Don't know how they would feel when writing with them for a long period of time, though...!

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