Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Goulet Notebook Review

Today I'll be reviewing the Goulet Pens Tomoe River paper notebook. The notebook I have is the pocket sized dot-grid version featuring 52gsm paper. The notebook is constructed well and is bound with two staples. The 52 gsm version that I have contains 96 pages or 48 sheets. With this notebook coming in at $6.00 I think that this is a tremendous notebook for the money.

As with all Tomoe River Paper it does amazingly well with every fountain pen I have. The pages do ghost, however both sides are completely usable, and once you use the other side the ghosting is less noticeable. The paper is very smooth and lovely to write on. Dry times can be a bit long but I haven't had any problems, even being a lefty over-writer. With 96 pages this notebook is bound to last you a while, but I would caution you against carrying this notebook in a back pocket unprotected, as the cover is a little thin. But this notebook would do perfectly at a desk or in a cover of some sort.

I think Goulet have knocked it out of the park with this notebook. It gives you a lot of great paper for relatively low expense, and it comes from a trusted company with great customer experience and service. I'd also like to mention that this notebook comes in four sizes including: A5, Pocket, Regular TN, and Passport. As well as coming in three rulings: plain, ruled, and dot-grid.

  *I did notice after taking taking these photos a dot of bleed 
             through with my wettest writing pen*                             

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  1. They also sell a version with slightly heavier GSM, though I forget the number. It reduces ghosting and chance of bleed through b


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