Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ti Arto Edc Pen Review

The Ti Arto EDC from Big Idea Design is a very unique machined titanium pen that was funded through Kickstarter. The pen is all metal and the machining quality and attention to detail are amazing. This pen works on a collet system, where there is a titanium collet inside the grip section that is tightened on to the refill, holding it in place. This allows the pen to accept over 750 refill with no modifications and no tip wiggle.

The pen is very light weight and feels great in the hand. The rings on the grip section provide good grip without being too aggressive. The cap threads to post on the back of the pen making it very secure, and ensuring that you won't loose the cap. The pocket clip allows the pen to carry deeply in your pocket and has a good tension to it. Should the clip ever come loose, simply use a flat head screwdriver to turn the screw inside the cap to remove the clip and re-bend the clip.

To change the refill in this pen, you first loosen the grip section ( it does NOT come off) and then unscrew the back. Pull the old refill out and put in the new one. As you are screwing the back back into the pen you can adjust how much the tip extends from the front of the pen. Once you get it where you like it simply tighten down the grip section. Big Idea Design also have a Youtube video* showing how this is done.

The pen is available in three finishes: Machined Raw, Stonewhashed, and Midnight Black. It's $90 but if you sign up for their news letter you can get a code for $5 off your order. Overall I think this is a great pen with some ingenious design put into it. If you want a good sturdy pen that will last a lifetime but like to mix up which refill you use, this pen's for you.

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*Youtube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW4a39GLJ-U

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Goulet Notebook Review

Today I'll be reviewing the Goulet Pens Tomoe River paper notebook. The notebook I have is the pocket sized dot-grid version featuring 52gsm paper. The notebook is constructed well and is bound with two staples. The 52 gsm version that I have contains 96 pages or 48 sheets. With this notebook coming in at $6.00 I think that this is a tremendous notebook for the money.

As with all Tomoe River Paper it does amazingly well with every fountain pen I have. The pages do ghost, however both sides are completely usable, and once you use the other side the ghosting is less noticeable. The paper is very smooth and lovely to write on. Dry times can be a bit long but I haven't had any problems, even being a lefty over-writer. With 96 pages this notebook is bound to last you a while, but I would caution you against carrying this notebook in a back pocket unprotected, as the cover is a little thin. But this notebook would do perfectly at a desk or in a cover of some sort.

I think Goulet have knocked it out of the park with this notebook. It gives you a lot of great paper for relatively low expense, and it comes from a trusted company with great customer experience and service. I'd also like to mention that this notebook comes in four sizes including: A5, Pocket, Regular TN, and Passport. As well as coming in three rulings: plain, ruled, and dot-grid.

  *I did notice after taking taking these photos a dot of bleed 
             through with my wettest writing pen*                             

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Metal Shop Twist Bullet Pencil Review

The Twist Bullet Pencil from Metal Shop is a modern take on the old bullet pencils, that like old agricultural memo books, were primarily used for advertising. The Twist Bullet pencil comes in four materials including: brass, copper, aluminum, and several wood finishes known as the Timber Twist. The aluminum is also available in a few anodized colors. You can also get additional bullets in any of the metals.

I have both the brass and the raw aluminum. They are both finished very well with great attention to detail. The brass is obviously much heavier than the aluminum, this could be a problem to some depending on how you hold your pens and pencils. The exact weights of each being 50g for the brass and 19g for the aluminum.

The Twist works by keeping a small "Nub" of a pencil in the bullet that can be unscrewed from the body of the pencil and extended to a full size writing instrument, or that process can be reversed and you protect the pencil point in a metal tube. The Twist is a great option for edc because if you prefer wood-cased pencils but are worried about breaking them, this solves that problem.

To install a pencil into the bullet, first you need a pencil nub approximately 2 3/4 inches long. And depending on the diameter of the pencil you will either need to knock down the edges of the hex or add some tape to the end of the pencil. However you may get lucky and not need to do anything to the pencil. Then simply twist the end of the pencil into the bullet until it's snug. For a visual reference on how this is done I highly recommend T.J Cosgrove's videos on Youtube over at Wood & Graphite.

*In the above photos I've also shown some of the available accessories namely the pocket clip kit and the brass end cap if you don't want an eraser*

If you are looking for an easy way to carry a wood-cased pencil with you every day with no chance of it breaking, look no further than the Twist Bullet Pencil.

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T.J's Video:  https://youtu.be/hsfwDJnaLo8

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 100 Review

"The Lumograph 100 by Staedtler is a lovely drafting pencil that is available in 16 grades from 6h - 8b. This pencil features a blue, white, and black paint job with a silver imprint.

It sharpens to a very nice point, and the lead is centered well in the barrel. The pencil writes smoothly with a dark line (the grade I'm using is a 2b) and doesn't have any gritty feeling.This 2b pencil also shades rather nicely. The barrel is a nice semi-hex thats comfortable to hold. The one draw back you might find to this pencil is the lack of eraser. But, you could see that as an opportunity to enter into the world of stand alone erasers.

I've really enjoyed this pencil and I think with 16 grades to choose from, you will too.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Moleskine Dotted 248 page notebook review

The Moleskine dotted notebook (5.5 x 8.25) consists of 248 dot grid ruled pages, bound to a hard cover, with an elastic closure, and a pocket in the back. The paper seems to be of usual Moleskine quality, aka not the best. It's smooth to write on and has the texture of the paper in the Leuchtturm 1917 books, just not quite the "ink-proofness". The best things to write with in this notebook are: pencil, ballpoints, or fine gel pens. Anything more than that will bleed through the page.

The notebook itself is of seemingly good quality. It held up just fine when I dropped it down some stairs, and it only shows a couple of small dents. I personally think this notebook would be great for the average person. It's got plenty of pages, decent enough quality paper for most everyday writing utensils and is very sturdy. And besides if you're looking for a book you're going to/can beat up or throw in a backpack, I don't think you'll be using wet writing fountain pens in it.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Field Notes "Three Missions" Review

"Three Missions" is the latest quarterly release from Field Notes. It centers around the U.S. space program including the missions of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Each book in the three pack represents one of those programs. Each book also features information and important events associated with each program.

The covers of the books feature photos from important moments in each of the programs and the back covers have the information. Inside the back cover you will find a short story about each program. The paper in the notebooks is Finch opaque smooth 60#t "Bright White" with a light 1-color dusting of "Firmament gray" ink. The ruling is graph.

The paper holds up well to most everyday writing instruments, with fountain pens and broader felt tipped pens being the exception.This is also the paper featured in the "Coastal" and many other colors editions. The ruling on the page is nice and light and almost disappears after you've written on the page.

I really enjoy the Americana feel to these notebooks and I won't be surprised if these sell out fast. Once again Field Notes have done a great job.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Brad Dowdy over at the Pen Addict, for featuring me in his newsletter and sending some of you folks my way! Thanks again Brad!

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