Monday, April 30, 2018

Nock co Sinclair Review

The Nock Co Sinclair is a wonderful pen case made by you guessed it Nock Co. The Sinclair holds three pens (even more depending on how you configure it) one or two notebooks (again even more depending on how you configure it) and there's a slot in the middle for your phone or anything else that will fit (or more pens or notebooks).

I have the Mandarin and Steel version, It's a very nice bright orange color on the outside and I think that the steel color on the inside really complements it. The case feels very sturdy and robust in the hand. The 1000d nylon on the outside is very durable, and if you are also a fan of hiking and the like, you probably already have something made out of this material. The nylon fabric on the inside of the case also seems to be very durable, while being soft enough to not scratch your pens. On the outside of the case Nock use the ubiquitous YKK zippers that are super reliable.

As for how the case holds pens, it does so perfectly. All of the pens I have fit, and I have also seen people fit some extremely large pens into this case. Every pen I own also fits into the pen sleeves with the clip inside the sleeve as well.

Above I've shown some of the configurations that I mentioned at the beginning of this review. in every configuration the case zips shut without any problems. You can really put a lot of stuff in this case if you want to. But you could also keep it pretty minimal and the case will be relatively thin.

Nock has considered every detail in the making of this case. All the stitching is flawless and everything works and preforms like it should. You can tell that one of the founders Brad Dowdy (of of the pen addict podcast and blog) is a pen person, because it holds, from what I can tell, the largest variety of pens for this type of case. You can also tell that the other founder Jeff Bruckwicki is a very talented seamster with how the case is constructed. That being said, Brad and Jeff don't make every case themselves anymore, but they are still very much produced in the U.S.A and are held to the very high quality standards.

In conclusion if you are looking for a very high quality, light weight, durable, pen case to carry with you everyday or just to protect your pens. You can never go wrong with any of the Nock Co pen cases. But for the versatility, you can't beat the Sinclair.

Here's a link to the product featured in this review.

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